EMA director shares safety tips for current road conditions

School has been cancelled and many employees have been given the day off with hopes that the community remains safe during the harsh weather.
Tonight, we are once again under a hard freeze warning, making road safety top priority. Any ice that melted earlier today will freeze again by tonight, causing slippery roads.
Just today, the Biloxi and Gulfport police departments combined reported over 50 weather related accidents.
News 25 spoke to Harrison County Emergency Management Director Rupert Lacy who tells us all it takes to lose control of your vehicle is accelerating or braking on a sheet of black ice. “Be cautious, take your time, slow down. Speed is one of those critical issues that we’ve seen a lot of wrecks on. The slower you go, the space, the distance between car to car will make you safer, in case someone were to lose control.”
Lacy also says that if you happen to drive over black ice you should let loose of the steering wheel a bit in order to allow it to reset itself.

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