Egg Drop Fail in Biloxi

Running out of Easter eggs, being understaffed and unorganized are all complaints Coast residents are throwing at the City of Biloxi in regards to yesterday’s Easter egg drop flop at MGM Park.

The event was so chaotic the City of Biloxi issued an apology on their Facebook page which led to over 40 shares and 60 comments, many who comments expressed their frustration in the city being overwhelmed.

Biloxi officials say there were a total of 12,000 eggs dropped from a helicopter but three times as many eggs would have been needed for every child.  Biloxi Public Affairs Director Vincent Creel said, “All of the families, the parents, the children, the youngsters that all turned out and had a disappointing time, we’re very sorry for that. We apologize. Moving forward we’re going to look at all the comments and if we do this again, we’re going to make sure that Main Street takes steps to make sure it’s the fun family even that it was designed to be.”

Creel tells News 25 the question of whether or not there will be another Easter egg drop next year is still up in the air. Main Street may take recommendations from Facebook comments for next to fix the problem or this could be the first and last Easter egg drop at MGM Park.

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