Efforts to Relieve Flooding Issues in Moss Point

The weekend’s torrential downpour soaked parts of Moss Point and now the city is working to clean it all up.
Some residents say the recent downpour of rain led to problems popping up in the home. One resident said the excessive rainfall caused her toilet and bathtub to spit out what’s supposed to drain down.
News 25 reached out to the city’s director of public works about area flooding and drainage issues. He says they have a maintenance plan in place and currently have crews out to dredge ditches, open culverts, and clean out storm drains. Moss Point Director of Public Works Roy Hutchinson said, “Typically when it rains as much as it did the last two, three days, with the amount of flow it carries a lot of the debris from people’s yards from the streets itself and it carries it down to the catch basins and it clogs up the catch basin lids. We have crews out actively right now cleaning all that stuff up, getting the debris up, getting the culverts, and the curb lines cleaned.”
Hutchinson tells News 25 he’s met with the city engineer to further discuss ways to alleviate some of the drainage issues.

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