Education Reform Bill Would Improve School Libraries

Today, the U.S. Senate resumed to consider a major piece of legislation on education reform with the unanimous approval of an amendment sponsored by Senator Thad Cochran.
The amendment added to the ‘Every Child Achieves Act’ would allow schools to use federal funds to improve and modernize libraries.
Studies show libraries staffed with qualified librarians have a positive impact on student academic achievement and right now two thirds of traditional public schools in the U.S. do not have a full time certified librarian. The Cochran sponsored amendment would provide competitive grants to help high need schools develop effective school library programs.
Senator Cochran said, “Children who know how to read and are comfortable using information and technology are more likely to grow up with a capacity to learn throughout their lifetime.”
The ‘Every Child Achieves Act’ overall would reform education by ending the federal test based accountability system from ‘No Child Left Behind.’
It will also strengthen state and local control over education. Debate on the bill is expected to last a week.

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