Education Day kicks off at MGM Park

Hundreds of kids took a field trip to MGM Park for a Shuckers game and Education Day. It was a needed break for all the students who wrapped up state testing last week.

We all remember loading up on a school bus with our friends and embarking on the much-anticipated field trip once or twice a year.

It was usually the excitement of being outside the classroom, not the learning experience, we really cared about.

Reading the room — knowledge wasn’t the main concern at MGM Park Wednesday morning, but places like Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, the Hattiesburg Zoo and the Mississippi Aquarium set up shop to do some education outside the classroom.

The stadium was brimming with students – and they’d all just completed state testing for the school year.

We talked to several groups from St. Martin Middle School about how their day was going. “They need a day off. They need a day to just have fun and hang out with their friends and be out of the school environment, because they’re climbing the walls at this point in the school year.”

“I sit on the floor in the middle of class.”

“Yeah. So, getting them out and getting them to have a good time is important for them and important for us, and to remember that they’re kids and they need fun too.”

These kids were on a mission: they wouldn’t leave without catching that coveted fly ball. “I’m gonna get a foul ball. They’re gonna hit a – WE’RE ON THE NEWS!” “How are you going to catch a home run?”

“We completed our state testing, so this is our reward.” “And we didn’t get written up.”

The game started at 11 this morning, just in time for lunch.

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