Edgewater Cleaners Collects Winter Coats to Donate to Kids

Christmas on the Gulf Coast is a little warmer this year than it has been in the past, and thanks to Edgewater Cleaners, residents can help share the warmth.

Since 1988, Edgewater Cleaners has been collecting, cleaning, and donating used coats to families around the Coast. During this 26 year span, they have cleaned and donated over 50,000 coats, including many to the northeast after Hurricane Sandy struck two years ago during the winter.

Coats for Kids co-founder, David Blaine, tells News 25 why they decided to give back in this way. Blaine says, "Everybody has a soft spot in their heart for children, and there are a lot of needy people out there. This is a way for people to reach into their closets and donate an old coat they don’t want or may have outgrown, and to give back and to make south Mississippi a warmer place for everybody.”

Blaine says they generally collect and clean between 1,500 and 2,000 coats each year.

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