Economic Impact of USM Gulf Park Campus

Universities are an integral part of our state’s economy. Just how much money does our USM satellite campus generate for us on the Coast?
That’s what University of Southern Mississippi officials addressed at an Economic Vibe meeting this morning. Some of the notable statistics include the fact that the USM Gulf Park campus generates $115.6 million a year and provides roughly 1,300 jobs for South Mississippians.
Officials are also pushing to increase the enrollment from the current 3,000 students to 5,000 within the next five to ten years, generating even more money for the Coast. USM Gulf Park Campus Vice President Dr. Steve Miller said, “You would almost be doubling the amount of student activity across the Gulf Park campus and that’s a tremendous amount of economic impact, dollars being spent, activity in the local community with students in and out of campus on a daily basis. It would be very significant for our local economy.”
Officials tell News 25 they believe the construction underway for new schools of business and health will help the Gulf Park campus reach their increased student enrollment goal.

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