Economic impact from the Rapiscan Systems Classic

Anytime there is a huge event on the Coast like the Rapiscan Systems Classic, economic impact always becomes a key factor.

The sun will be shining and the golfers are ready to tee off into the tenth annual Rapiscan Systems Classic. Rapiscan Systems Classic Director Stephen Schoettmer said, “The thing we hear from the pros and everyone who comes from out of town is they love the southern hospitality, the food, the people and the culture.”

With those nearly 15,000 people expected to hit the Coast for this classic, what does it mean in terms of the economics of it all? “We bring in probably about 2,500 plus hotel room nights throughout the week. They are eating at every restaurant across the Coast you know just from the players, the caddies, their families, the PGA Tour staff, the Golf Channel. So, it is a big production. It is kind of like bringing the circus to town for a week.”

Profits should be a hole in one for business along the Coast with $15 to $16 million brought in annually because of this tournament and $100 million since their start in 2010. Their goal is to continue to make those numbers grow. “That’s the name of the game with golf you know continue to bring people out. And so look into finding new ways to interact with certainly businesses and other entities to come out and get involved because its more than just the game of golf here with what we do on the Coast.”

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