East Biloxi Convention Center study shows feasibility

A new non-traditional convention center in East Biloxi is on the mind of the mayor and other city leaders.

The East Biloxi Convention Center has been described as a world-class, waterfront, mixed-use convention center and retail project. The city recently received the results of a study looking into the feasibility of a convention center and it was positive.

Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich says the use of the convention center would contribute significantly to the cost of it. “We feel like the value is here. You know, our challenge of a new convention center is to the number of ways to get folks by air travel, could be the rail travel, driving traffic. All of that contributes to the chance for success.”

The city is in the early stages on this planning and they have yet to decide on a location. The study says the most viable site appeared to be on Oak Street, which could be connected to two other proposed sites at Holley and Kuhn streets.

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