East Biloxi Community Collaborative ‘needs assessment’

The East Biloxi Community Collaborative, also known as the EBCC, hosted a ‘needs assessment’ kickoff party to focus on what can be done to improve the area.

This organization was created to help provide a better environment to grow and develop east Biloxi. Locals were asked to participate and jot down ways to make the area better with education, the economy, health, wealth, and other issues.

The EBCC then collects the information and figures out a solution that benefits the community as a whole. EBCC Co-chair Jakavious Pickett said, “We are going to be going door to door to our community. We are going to get with our partners, just to hear the voices of the community. We need the entire community. This is about the people having a voice on what they need and how they are able to thrive as a better community.”

For several years now, the EBCC has been heavily involved in east Biloxi, reaching economic goals and also keeping the youth active and out of trouble.

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