Drug Court Graduates

Earlier this year, Lamonte Harris was a proud graduate of a Jackson County Drug Court Program.
"I had needed help, I was on drugs and stuff and they sent me to a rehab facility where I got clean, and started participating in different programs and stuff, and through my course of everything I realized that they are here to help us, and they had so much to offer me,” said Harris.
Drug Courts are three year programs that give non-violent offenders an opportunity to get clean and turn their lives around.
Today, Pascagoula Circuit Court Judge Robert Krebs took his group to the Walter Anderson Museum to experience the history, art, and culture of Jackson County.
“I think this is important because it shows part of our culture here on the Gulf Coast. It shows the beautiful things that we have to offer down here if you want to come visit down here as a tourist or move down here,” said Harris.
"I feel like this opens their minds and hearts to a different aspect of life and lets them see what creative individuals can do because many of them are very creative, they just don’t know it,” said Judge Krebs.
Judge Krebs has exposed his drug court group to other cultural experiences, ranging from a symphony in Biloxi to the WWII Museum in New Orleans.

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