Dredging Begins in Davis & Simmons Bayous in Ocean Springs

Soon, getting your boat stuck in Ocean Springs’ bayou channels will no longer be a problem. Dredging on the Davis and Simmons Bayous has officially started.

If you live along the Davis Bayou in Ocean Springs, you may look out your window to see cranes out in the water. Boaters have been awaiting dredging of this bayou for a long time, and the wait is finally over. John McKay, Jackson County Supervisor for District 5, says, "We hope to have all the dredging completed probably by early February, so that whenever the boaters really get out in early springtime, the channels should all be clear."

Ever since Hurricane Isaac in 2012, siltation has built up on the bayou floors, causing boats to hit the ground in some of the shallower areas. McKay also says, "It tears up your motors and different things like that whenever you drag the bottom going in and out of here."

Dredging in both the Davis and Simmons Bayous accounts for about $3 million of $10 million allotted for all Jackson County dredging projects. The bayous undergoing dredging have all been affected by Hurricane Isaac. The siltation removal is being partially funded by federal money and the county applied for a grant to match county funding. McKay also says, "It had to be approved by F.E.M.A. that we could document that Hurricane Isaac did that damage to the channels."

Not only will the dredging benefit boaters, the siltation buildup has caused drainage problems in the neighborhoods right on the bayou, so the silt removal will improve drainage as well.

McKay closes, "Everybody is looking forward to it and looking forward to us being completed with it."

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