Drainage Project in Biloxi

Many commuters are asking about the traffic cones and lane shifting on Pass Road in Biloxi. Biloxi city officials say these are all preparations for a 60 day, $300,000 construction project to replace and repair drainage boxes.
Crews set up the cones less than two weeks ago to let drivers become familiar with the shift in traffic before construction workers start the project. Officials were ready to adjust the cones if drivers were having a problem with the change, but there have been no reports of any issues with traffic.
Drivers say the real problems might come when the actual construction begins. Donna Erwin, a commuter, said, “Drivers are going to want to look and see what’s going on and everything. I think they may shift the cones a little bit but I mean, as long as they keep it the way it is, two lanes can go down until you shift back over into the regular lanes. I don’t think it’s going to be an issue.”
The cones are currently set up between Goose Pointe and Westview Drive off Pass Road. Contractors are scheduled to be on the scene today.

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