Don’t forget to take care of Christmas trees

Now that Christmas has come and gone, some people who keep their Christmas trees throughout the month may not realize the dangers of Christmas tree fires if you do not attempt to keep up with taking care of them.
Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan says the perfectly decorated Christmas tree can go up in flames in a matter of seconds if not treated correctly.
It’s important to always check the water in the stands daily to make sure they’re hydrated and double check your light strands to make sure there is no short in the wiring. This can be a common cause for most Christmas tree fires. Chief Sullivan said, “The wear and tear on these decorations, break down the components of the decorations and you can have shorts. When you go to plug them in, they’re not ready to be plugged in or they’ve been worn down and they’re dangerous in that respect. So, we always recommend that the decorations are taken down, boxed up, and boxed in a manner so they don’t break.”
Sullivan says there have been no problems with Christmas tree fires throughout Harrison County this year.
Over in Jackson County, the fight to prevent Christmas tree related fires ramps up today as well. The county’s solid waste department will collect Christmas trees for recycling beginning today.
Recycling of Christmas trees save space in local landfills and discourage illegal dumping. The purpose of this collection is to turn the trees into composting material in order to improve soil conditions at the landfills.
Before you go, make sure to remove all lights, ornaments, and stands before dropping off your tree. Artificial trees will not be accepted.
Trees can also be placed on your curbside for your regularly scheduled trash collection days.

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