Donald Trump Jr. Speaks at Neshoba County Fair

Donald Trump Jr. was in the Magnolia State getting voters excited about November’s election at the Neshoba County Fair. News 25’s Katarina Luketich shows us what he had to say and how Mississippians reacted to his appearance.
“This isn’t a campaign anymore. It’s a movement. I can see that by just the crowd here.” Donald Trump Jr. referring to the hundreds who came out to hear him speak Tuesday afternoon at the Neshoba County Fair. His message was one of hope; hope to take the country out of the hands of career politicians and into the hands of someone who understands the American people. It was a message that hit home for many here at the fair. Trump supporter Ricky Spyder said, “I think he’s striking a nerve with the average person. He speaks from the heart as far as I can tell. He seems legitimate.”
With all those in attendance appearing to support the Trump campaign, you can bet there were jabs at Hillary Clinton and the most recent scandal in the Democratic Party. “When you read those emails, imagine a Republican had sent those emails. Imagine Reince Priebus had sent those emails. They’d be pulling out the electric chair for him. For them, it’s okay because it’s a double standard,” said Trump Jr.
Trump Jr. did cater much of his speech to Mississippians and one of his big focuses was job creation, which is a platform Governor Bryant has been pushing for the past few years. It is also a major platform for Donald Trump. Trump Jr. expressed his sentiments that he believes his father is the one who can bring jobs back to America. “I always use to call him the Blue Collar Billionaire and people always use to criticize me for it. I think they get it now because they realize he’s speaking with these Americans, the people in this country who built this nation, hardworking Americans who have been left in the dust. They’re the only people not getting catered to by our government and that’s got to change.”
Change is something voters News 25 spoke with here trust Donald Trump to bring if elected. Republican Delegate Nell Frisbie said, “They know what it’s like to build a business and how to build. I think he’s going to build our country.”
Overall, Trump Jr.’s appearance was very well received. From the looks of the turnout, there’s no doubt Mississippi voters are ready for this November’s election.

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