‘Dog’s Night Out’ Adoption Event

The Hyatt Place Hotel joined the Humane Society of South Mississippi in a slumber party as a way to help pets find a home.

The ‘Dog’s Night Out’ adoption event gave locals the opportunity to let dogs spend the night with them. You didn’t have to adopt the dog to bring it home. However, this gave the pups a chance to get out and sleep somewhere else besides a cold shelter.

The Hyatt Place and the Humane Society of South Mississippi loves to raise awareness about these animals until they can find a permanent home. Hyatt Place Manager Lara Alley said, “Hyatt Place Biloxi is very committed to our community and giving back to the community, providing a positive experience for our guests and also we are a dog friendly hotel.”

Dean Miller with the Humane Society of South Mississippi said, “We are here to represent the whole shelter and let them know that ‘hey, we are here.’ We have plenty of dogs you can come and get a look at. If you are looking for a certain one, we have them all.”

There was also a chance to take professional pictures with your pets and give donations to the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

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