Discussing ways to improve access to transportation and community across the state

The Southern Connect Regional Coordination group hosted a community dialogue meeting to improve and expand access to transportation and community services throughout the state.

Southern Connect was one of six projects selected from across the nation to be awarded a national grant by the Federal Transit Association from the National Center for Mobility Management.

The event was a way for different organizations to come together to share ideas on ways to increase services using technology to allow everyone easier access to reliable transportation options. NCMM Deputy Director Bill Wagner said, “Transportation or mobility is vital to everyone for just about anything you can imagine whether its access to food, access to employment, or access to healthcare. I think often if you have that, you take it for granted, it’s available. For those who are lacking that, your health will suffer. You don’t have good nutrition. You can’t become employed. It’s all about the quality of life.”

Southern Connect is a regional planning group committed to improving the safety, accessibility, and connectivity of public transportation.

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