Disagreements continue in Moss Point

It’s an issue Moss Point Board of Alderman and Mayor Mario King faced a lot in 2019, the proposed policy to implement mandates and cut the mayor’s pay by 15 percent.

This year it’s a number one issue, still on the table for discussion.

“I’m gonna do my best to continue to work with the board. We are a team.” The words from Moss Point Mayor Mario King after he says he and the board of alderman have reached an agreement in the January 7th board meeting. “When I went in this time, in executive session, to discuss litigation and discuss my point of view from litigation and listen to them. I just told them, look, it’s 2020 we have a year and a half. I really think we need to work together. Keep your policy intact but I need you to revisit my pay and my back pay. The board voted and it was a three to two vote.”

This after three failed quorums, months of discussions and attempts to resolve a conflict between King and the board.

But other members of the board like Ward One Alderman Sherwood Bradford says things aren’t all it’s cracked up to be and the January 7th meeting agenda was an ambush. “It says litigation but we didn’t know what he was talking about. Two board members were absent who had not supported the policy in the past. It was like a surprise to us that we were going to even be discussing it that night. That policy has not been followed and all of us are not pleased with the progress that’s been made.”

During Tuesday night’s meeting, Bradford made his feelings known.

But overall, both parties say they want to work together and help the city continue to progress. “It feels really, really hopeful.”

“We want to get along with the mayor. We want to work with the mayor, but we want the mayor to understand his day to day activities we need to see improvement in crime rate and ditches, things that impact the residents.”

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