Disability Connection Resource Fair

Veterans, youngsters, and those with disabilities, people from all walks of life picked up some valuable information and contacts at the Community Resource Fair at Edgewater Mall.

Loneliness is the greatest disability and if we support the weakest of our community we all become stronger. It’s not just a belief, but words Disability Connection Director Janie O’Keefe lives by and this is just one reason why she and others at the nonprofit hold a community resource fair each year. “Networking to us is valuable and we network with organizations because information is really, really important. It doesn’t matter if the Coast has a lot of things to do if no one knows about it.”

This year, more than 80 booths were set up at the fair, a one stop shop for not only those with disabilities, but for anyone looking for information or a connection to services to help them improve their quality of life.  “We take our time to network all the nonprofits and government agencies, bring them together and help people know where to go to get help,” said O’Keefe.

Bringing awareness to these individuals is just the first step. Disability Connection strives to make sure they feel connected and cared for in our community. Hope Adult Learning Director Donna Daulton said, “There are adults everywhere we go, you would never know, that cannot read a street sign, can’t read a prescription label. These are capable individuals. They are smart, but they are not able to fully participate in their families and in society and we want to help them do that, but most important we want to give them dignity and hope.”

Cindy Singletary with the Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities said, “Community is crucial because without community you don’t have a life. You don’t have the joys of knowing people, of having friendships. Community for a person with a disability is having that support, but also having that typicalness of life that a person without a disability has as well.”

That’s what this annual Community Resource Fair is all about, reaching out and serving the needs of those with disabilities and beyond.

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