D’Iberville’s Kevin Cooley signs with West Alabama to run cross country and track

One local high school runner is taking his talents to the next level.

This afternoon, D’Iberville’s Kevin Cooley signed a National Letter of Intent with West Alabama to run both track and cross country.

It wasn’t long after district championships that the Tigers took notice of the senior speedster, who runs a 4:27 mile and a school record 15:24 5K.

Cooley got his start during his time at George County where he was already the fastest person in the room. “So in eighth grade, I was a football player, and we got punished actually and we were supposed to run the field until the last person quit and I just kept running and all of my teammates were getting super angry with me and telling me that I needed to just stop, and I wouldn’t stop and my coach told me, he was like, have you ever tried track and I told him, I didn’t even know what it was, and I remember we did time trials, and I ran 6:11 in the mile and I did it in Sperry’s. I got shin splints. I didn’t know any better. I just kept running and it didn’t even phase me because I liked it so much. It just wasn’t a thing.”

On the track, Cooley also runs the 400 meter, the 800 meter, and the two mile.

He says once he gets to college, he’ll run cross country followed by track with just a two or three week break in between.

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