D’Iberville Warriors add three new members to their football team

While many were getting restless during quarantine, three D’Iberville coaches were able to spend that time with their babies.

During the offseason, three new members were added to the D’Iberville High School football family: Phillip Noah Ducomb, Mia Julie Ladner, and Jason Edward Hockday Jr. or JJ.

The newborns’ fathers are all coaches for the D’Iberville football team and they were all born within nine weeks of each other. Defensive Coordinator Jason Hockaday said, “I think it’s so cool that all three of us have had a baby near the same time. So I was the third one that had the baby, so it’s easier for me to go and ask them questions. So alright what do you do when this happens? What do you do about this? You know, he’s not eating much this time of day. When do you sleep?”

Defensive Line Coach Phillip Ducomb said, “It’s been a really exciting time for all three of us, especially going through this together more or less. It’s been really nice and really fun.”

While Ducomb and Hockaday are new parents, Offensive Line Coach Josh Ladner became a father of three on May 15th. The father of two boys welcomed a baby girl.  “And her temperament overall has just been totally different than my boys and she’s just been an absolute angel.”

All three coaches said coaching high school football has helped them as parents. Hockaday even said figuring out what his newborn baby wants is like reading the offense and adjusting the defense. “Whatever the offense does, we turn around and try to adjust to what they do and we react to it. It’s basically the same thing with a baby. Baby’s going to do something, you gotta read and react.”

“I may say this is my first child, but really and truthfully I get almost 33 kids block, almost 90 kids every year here. So, it’s almost like it’s my first one personally, but I’ve had the point of teaching and guiding all year long,” said Ducomb.

Although it may not be possible for the trio of newborns to be on the sidelines with their fathers this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the three coaches are already imagining how their babies will be immersed in Warriors football in the future. “If she wants to be an artist, she can be an artist. If she wants to sing the Star Spangled banner before the game or just stand there and hold my hand. I’m fine with that. Just in any way that she wants to, I really just envision her being my biggest fan,” said Ladner.

Hockaday said, “Maybe they all grow up together and be best friends growing up. Who knows?”

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