D’Iberville students donate toys to Humane Society

The dogs at the Humane Society in Gulfport now have a new set of toys to play on thanks to a group of students from D’Iberville High School.
Students from the community service class at DHS learned the dogs were in need of exercise and agility equipment so they enlisted their friends in the carpentry class and got to work. Today, they donated their creations including 200 enrichment toys for cats and dogs.
Humane Society Development Manager Katie King says these toys not only let the dogs out of the kennels for some fresh air and exercise, but they also help get the dogs adopted. The students are happy to provide that help. “We’re so glad that they got involved and gave up their time and talents to do this for the dogs. It reduces their stress levels to go out and play on this equipment which then leads to less URI’s which gets more dogs adopted,” said King.
D’Iberville High junior Matthew Mosely said, “We used some of the skills that we’ve been learning this year to build some obstacles, agility obstacles for the dogs and I enjoyed doing it. I’m glad we were able to help out.”
Coach Cragin Gilbert leads the community service class at DHS. He hopes to keep this project going each year.

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