D’Iberville Receives Plans for New Dealership

The City of D’Iberville has received the plans for the two new dealerships on their way to the property that was originally going to be the site of the new aquarium.
Developers are taking construction bids from multiple contractors for a 41,000 square foot BMW dealership and 45,000 square foot GMC dealership. Officials say we can expect to see construction begin within the next three to four weeks. Director of Community Development for the City of D’Iberville Hank Rogers said, “It’s another one of those good income generators for the city from a tax revenue standpoint. Plus, automotive dealerships are non-polluting because they’re high paying jobs, well-qualifying jobs and it’s just another addition to what’s turning out to be a pretty good location for the city and the Gulf Coast for high dollar, high-end dealerships.”
Developer Bobby Mandal says the construction of the new dealerships kicks off a series of projects for the galleria.

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