D’Iberville PD Purchases New Body Cameras for Officers

The D’Iberville Police Department made a significant step toward better serving their community today with the purchase of new body worn cameras. This is not the first time D’Iberville officers have worn body cameras, this is an equipment upgrade. Previously, officers wore smaller, less durable devices, and due to cost, not all officers were issued them. The previous cameras had to be downloaded on computers at the police department, which took up a large amount of space on the servers.

After conducting research on body worn cameras, the choice was made to go with the Taser Axon camera. (http://www.taser.com/products/on-officer-video/axon-body-on-officer-video) The cameras are durable, easy to use and have multiple mounting options. The Taser Axon provides 130 degree view of what the officer sees. As for data storage, the D’Iberville Police Department chose to use Evidence.com. (https://www.evidence.com)

“Using a third party vendor like Evidence.com to store our data off site provides for additional security of the data, both from a technical and environmental point of view. Our data will be secure in the event of a natural disaster, like Hurricane Katrina,” said Deputy Chief Clay Jones. Officers will wear the cameras while on duty and, at the end of their shift, dock the camera in a docking station that will simultaneously charge the unit and upload the data.

Chief Payne, along with City Manager Bobby Eleuterius petitioned Mayor Quave and the City Council to approve the purchase of the new cameras. Chief Payne said, “This is just another example of the commitment by our City leaders to the mission of the D’Iberville Police Department of serving our citizens with dignity, honor, and integrity."

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