D’iberville Middle School teacher scavenger hunt

D’Iberville Middle School teachers weaved through the streets of the city to work through a scavenger hunt, but ended up finding more about each other.
They typically roam the halls, but Wednesday morning these teachers ran through the City of D’Iberville for a scavenger hunt. Band Director Joleigh Pigott said, “We get to plug into our environment here, get to build important connections with the business side of things as well as just the support side. I mean, without safety what we do is void.”
About 70 middle school educators broke out into teams and hit the road with a list of pit stops such as city hall, police and fire stations, but with a catch. It was now their time to be quizzed on each other. “I feel like I know about their lives and about their history so that makes me feel more confident as a new teacher coming into this,” said Pigott.
Special education Teacher Christina Grimes said, “I know all of the special ed teachers because we meet regularly, but all the other teams I don’t get that interaction with so I would say today was awesome.”
Bowl a strike, eat more chicken, and of course, capture it all on camera for proof in order to cross the finish line of the scavenger hunt. Principal Matthew Elias said, “Traditionally the community and D’Iberville come to us. They help us with anything we might need. We wanted to go to them, put some faces with names and say thank you and have a good time and let them know that we appreciate them and hopefully we’ll have their continued support with another school year.”
While teachers built relationships throughout the city, stronger bonds also formed between the faculty. “The best first day ever because I got to meet people that I typically don’t get to interact with on a normal basis and actually learn some names of some new teachers and it was just really fun,” said Grimes.

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