D’Iberville High investigates threat sent by phone during school

D’Iberville High School had a threat sent by phone to other students during school hours today.

This came on the heels of a lockdown at Harrison Central High School on Thursday morning after the protocol was activated in error.

The threat, which said a shooting or a bombing would happen, was sent by AirDrop, which an iPhone feature allows the user to send information from phone to phone without having to text it.

D’Iberville Police Maj. Marty Griffin said school resource officers handled the threat, along with patrol officers sent to assist.

Trang Pham Bui, spokesperson for the school district, said after the AirDropped threat was made, school and police responded to investigate.

“All students were safe and secure,” Pham Bui said. “The Harrison County School District will follow all disciplinary policies regarding the suspect.”

Pham Bui commended the school staff for their response and the students who remained calm and followed procedures.

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