D’Iberville High Honored with Award for Fantastic Yearbook

Almost every school in the country has a yearbook, but one local school has taken their yearbook and journalism to the next level.

For many, the high school years are the time of your life, and for decades, yearbooks have captured all the action, but D’Iberville High School has gone a step further. Krista Cambre, co-editor of D’Iberville High’s 2014-15 yearbook, says, "It’s a big chunk of their life, so it’s important for them to have something physical they can keep for the rest of their lives and something great that we’ve done is taken the documentation of those years and made it into a work of art."

For the last two years, the D’Iberville Warrior has been the only yearbook in the state featured in the Jostens look book, a national honor for a few hundred publications chosen from thousands.

The award is based on coverage, design, layout, and photos, and that’s just for starters. Brooke Trochesset, financial executive of D’Iberville High’s 2014-15 yearbook, says, "It costs about $60,000, and we raise that money through selling business ads and senior ads and fund raisers with the staff." The group of 15 journalism students take their passion seriously. Cambre also says, "I don’t know who I would be if I wasn’t in yearbook. I learned I’m a much harder worker than I thought I could be, and now I know I have a passion for graphic design."

For many, a yearbook is just a photo gallery of people that you knew in high school, but these students have gone the extra mile to make their yearbook into a work of art. Cambre also says, "We’ve just been improving so much as a whole. The photography is amazing. We’ve been getting better with the copy, the coverage. I mean, it’s doubled since last year."

Yearbook sponsor, Mandy Evans, helps with guidance and answers questions. Otherwise, the book is entirely student produced, and everyone does their part. Chris Creswell, Jostens Sales Representative for central LA, south MS, and southwest AL, says, "This program has evolved into something I never thought we could get to on a nationwide level. I credit her and the administration for their support of us and the staff for all their hard work."

Hopefully this hard work will rub off on a generation of future journalists. The 2014-15 yearbook will make its debut at the yearbook signing party on April 17th.

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