D’Iberville High Class of 2020 graduates at the Coast Coliseum

For many graduates the year they’ve been looking forward to is panning out a little differently than expected.

But for graduating seniors of D’Iberville High School, despite the global pandemic, this school is determined to make sure these seniors have their special moment.

In preparation for the big night, the staff at the Coast Coliseum had to change the way they’ve hosted graduations for the last 43 years, implementing social distancing guidelines and ensuring the safety of everyone. Coast Coliseum Executive Director Matt McDonnell said, “Figure out how many graduates would be walking and then we had to take the number of seats and space them out accordingly to figure out what our total capacity would be. Once we did that, we allocated four tickets per graduate. I know some people were a little unhappy with that, but we’re doing the absolute best we can do to make this a reality.”

Tomorrow, West Harrison High graduates at 10 a.m. and Harrison Central High graduates at 6 p.m.

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