D’Iberville High Academic Signing Day

D’Iberville High School recognized more than one hundred seniors who are heading to college or joining the military with an academic signing day event. This year’s theme is ‘DHS Rocks.’

It was nothing but a good time. The D’Iberville High School gym was packed with students, colleges, and teachers dressed as rock icons, cheering for seniors like Justin McGruder walking or running the red carpet. He plans to attend the University of South Alabama to focus on computer science. “I was surprised at how many of my friends that I had screaming for me. I thought it was just going to be a little bit of clapping. Everybody was standing up and screaming. It was great.”

D’Iberville seniors received over nine million dollars total in scholarship money. Senior Avery Sumrall said, “I got the presidential scholarship which is the top scholarship for my ACT score. I got full tuition, room and board, and study abroad.”

Senior Jodi Bennett said, “All in all, I just got a new scholarship yesterday. So, it’s $443,000 approximately.”

With the final countdown to graduation underway, these seniors leave their mark on D’Iberville High. The class of 2018 has the highest number of students to score a 30 or higher in the school’s history. Future Biochem Major Avery Sumrall believes this will inspire the classes below her to dream on. “I think this is going to make them more competitive because everybody tries to beat the class before with how much money they can get all together.”

As the sound of Journey filled the gym, future lawyer Jodi Bennet hopes her journey encourages students to don’t stop believing when it comes to scholarship offers. “Sometimes people are like ‘Oh, I’m not good at sports so I won’t be able to pay for college.’ That’s not true. All you have to do is work hard, try your best throughout high school and the scholarships will fall in your lap.”

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