D’Iberville city leaders address flooding concerns

Flooding has been an ongoing issue for some areas in the City of D’Iberville for more than 50 years and residents are frustrated.

Forest Cove and D’Iberville Boulevard near Boney Avenue are among the main high flooded areas. On Wednesday, the city saw three to five inches of accumulated rain in just two hours.

So over the last four years city leaders have developed a plan to resolve the issues, including spending a hefty $800,000 of federal money and grants in 2019 just on drainage alone.

City Manager Clay Jones says drainage issues all start with the bay. “Before you put drains in the road, we gotta have that water be able to get out of there, so we have to build the ditches wide enough and deep enough to handle it. Then we gotta build the ditches wide enough and deep enough to get out to the bay. But the reality is, if the bay is at high tide, we’re gonna have problems forever. So we gotta understand we have to be able to detain this water for some period of time. We gotta plan for that to get it into the bay slower. So that’s what we’re doing now, and it is frustrating. It’s frustrating for me. I know it’s frustrating for the citizens.”

Jones says his first priority in resolving flooding issues is making sure homes are not affected.

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