Diaper Need Awareness Week

For every child they have, parents will spend about 2500 dollars on diapers alone a cost too high for many. This week is diaper need awareness week a time to shed light on just how many children spend far too long in dirty diapers because parents can simply not afford it and it’s a problem that affects our local community. The executive director at the women’s resource center tells News 25 the need for diapers is great here on the Gulf Coast. Tiffany Bell tells News 25, “Any bet of help they can get to help just ease the edge financially is a really big help to them, so we offer diapers from newborn up to size six. An there are regular times throughout the year where we run short in order to help them meet their needs, so there’s a definite need in the community for them. Meet their needs, so there is a defiant need for them.” To pitch in you can drop off diapers up to size six at the women’s resource center located on Cowan Loarraine Road.

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