Diamondhead residents concerned over harmful algae bloom

After suffering from symptoms ranging from headaches to hair loss to fainting for the past two-and-a-half years, one Diamondhead resident is speaking out about harmful algae blooms she believes to be affecting her and her family.

Joy Dinnella and her family are now in their second home in Diamondhead, hoping that leaving their first home with sewage issues would bring an end to their symptoms.

When moving didn’t help, Dinnella began researching her family’s illness and came across cyanobacteria poisoning which Dinnella believes is coming from the blue-green algae growing in the stagnant water in the ditches around the community.

Dinnella also began a Facebook group where other members of the community have revealed they have similar symptoms. “My children and I got really, really sick living in this house. It was just constant back and forth at the doctor all the time. So, she decided she wanted to test us for mold poisoning. After a little bit of debate, I let her and we did test positive for mold. But I was always– a majority of our symptoms didn’t start until after we started having all these sewer issues with the house. And all these things started dying in the yard and it was just like something out of a movie.”

Dinnella has reached out to the City of Diamondhead, MEMA, and the CDC about her concerns. However, none of the agencies or organizations have sent anyone to test for harmful algae blooms.

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