Developments in Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson made an appearance today at the weekly Ocean Springs Lions Club meeting. Dobson highlighted the many developments making its way to Ocean Springs.

Making Ocean Springs the premiere place to live on the Coast is Mayor Shea Dobson’s current goal for the city he grew up in. “That basketball court is really old. I played on it while I was young.”

Development is Dobson’s main focus, starting with an over $100,000 face-lift for Martin Luther King Jr. Park. “I see people out there playing now. So, we just want to promote people getting active.”

One of the most popular topics of Mayor Dobson’s speech was the future dog park in Ocean Springs which is scheduled to open for the beginning of summer. “We’re going to have a world class dog park. I’m very excited. I got two labs myself, two energetic labs. I know they’re ready to get out and stretch their legs a bit. So, we’re just really happy about being able to provide that to our residents.”

From development to delicious, Mayor Dobson is a huge fan of the food truck business which he says should be making its way to Ocean Springs. “I think we can grow the pie. There’s a big market for it and we want to provide an avenue for owners, for food truck owners to come in and take advantage of our beautiful city and everything that we have coming here.”

While that ordinance should be approved in the next month, more is on the way. The city has tentative plans for a food truck court downtown and a potential parking garage to alleviate parking troubles.

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