Development is Booming All Across Biloxi

Currently, there are 100s of millions of dollars in new developments across Biloxi. The projects include hotels, restaurants, and even a new hospital, just to name a few.

Thursday, construction crews were busy putting up a brand new apartment complex on Popps Ferry Road in north Biloxi. The complex is called Arbor Landing on the River and it will have 218 units geared towards families and will be ready to start leasing in March of next year. Deanna Cannette, Property Manager of Arbor Landing on the River, says, “Some will have waterfront access, some will have attached garages. We’re going a step above other apartment communities we have here.”

As big as this new complex is, it’s only a small example of many projects in the works around the city. On Front Beach, there are plans to build a new wing to the South Beach Hotel tower with 60 additional units. Then in west Biloxi, there are plans to convert the old Gulf Coast Hospital into a 255 room hotel.

There are also big plans for downtown, including new restaurants. Every part of the city is experiencing some kind of development, and that’s good news for Biloxi. Jerry Creel, Community Development Director for Biloxi, says, “Certainly it means additional revenue. If there are vacant lots, we get land tax, but if there is a building, we get building taxes, and if it’s a business, we get sales taxes.”

Other notable projects include a $133 million hospital off Cedar Lake Road. A gated community with 125 homes on the old golf course next to Keesler Federal Credit Union on Pass Road is also in the works, as well as a multimillion dollar commercial complex in Woolmarket.

People may be unaware of the economic development going on in Biloxi, because unlike other cities, where it’s happening in centralized locations, in Biloxi, it’s happening throughout the city. Creel also says, “When you drive around, you may not realize there is development going on in every area of the city, but when someone goes over a list of all the projects, this is going on, this is going on, this is going on, that’s when it tends to catch everyone’s attention.”

Cannette closes, “It’s definitely booming. It’s a great pleasure to be a part of it. There is so much new growth around here.” Since Hurricane Katrina, Biloxi has experienced a billion dollars in new construction.

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