Details for Ocean Springs High School hybrid learning setup released

Administrators at Ocean Springs High School are laying out the groundwork for their hybrid learning plan set to take effect at the start of the spring semester.

Under this new plan set to take place January 5th, students will be split up into two teams based on their last name, the blue team and the grey team.

Each day, one team will attend class in-person while the other team attends classes virtually. The two teams will rotate each week between three virtual days and two in-person days and vice versa.

Assistant Principal Lori Brennan says this plan is designed to maximize social distancing among students and staff as well as reduce the number of potential exposures and quarantine periods. “We just want everybody to be safe and this is the way that we can ensure that we have more social distancing and we’re able to keep kids and adults safer.”

Ocean Springs High School is the only school in the district transitioning to this learning model. Additionally, school leaders will re-evaluate hybrid learning midway through the semester to decide if it will continue through the fourth quarter of the school year.

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