Details About Mayor Holloway’s Resignation

The City of Biloxi is still in shock over the resignation of Mayor A.J. Holloway.

The Mayor is 75 and in his sixth term. One page and only four sentences long, Biloxi’s longest serving mayor, A.J. Holloway, sent in his concise letter of resignation to the city council Thursday morning. In his letter, Holloway stated: "Due to an accumulation of health issues, I must ask the people of the City of Biloxi to permit me to be with my family for the remainder of this municipal term."

Holloway was first elected to the Biloxi City Council in 1989 and was elected to his first term as mayor in 1993. Vincent Creel, Public Affairs Manager for Biloxi, says, "When he first took office as mayor, this city was broke. We were on the verge of bankruptcy. He was able to get our financial house in order using gaming revenue. He was able to oversee the growth of the city."

Mayor Holloway saw all of his accomplishments destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, but was able to rebuild the City of Biloxi after the destruction. Times have not always been great for Mayor Holloway. On January 29th, 2015, he checked himself into an alcohol rehab facility.

During that time, he appointed Felix Gines to take his place as Acting Mayor. The Biloxi City Council supported his decision to put his health first and are also supporting his decision to resign. Kenny Glavan, Biloxi City Council President, says, "Took a tremendous amount of courage for the Mayor to arrive at his decision today. So I have nothing but great thoughts about his accomplishments."

Although many rumors have circulated on other reasons behind the Mayor checking into rehab, the City of Biloxi hopes to focus on all of the good things the Mayor did for the city. Creel closes, "To be the longest serving mayor, to see the city through some of its most challenging times, as well as some of its most prosperous times, the devotion and the leadership is just unprecedented in the history of this city."

On Tuesday, the Biloxi City Council will vote to decide which council member will become the new acting mayor until a special election for mayor is held sometime in the next few months.

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