Destination Downtown Conference Continues in Ocean Springs

The Destination Downtown conference continued Tuesday in Ocean Springs as attendees learned more about the four points of success.

The points include design, organization, recruiting, and business development. The conference welcomed national Main Street administrators from Chicago and Washington DC to teach classes, lessons they believe have already impacted local communities in Mississippi.

Patrice Frey, President and C.E.O. of the National Main Street Center, says, "It’s played a huge role in the revival of downtowns in the last 30 years. We’ve seen investments across the country of close to $60 billion in America’s downtowns. That was at a time when, you know, over the last 30 years when we saw a lot of investment move to the urban fringe or to the suburbs, so it’s really a testament of the strength of the program."

More than 51 Mississippi Main Street Associations and downtown areas are present at this week’s conference.

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