Department of Public Safety gives update on the Skip the Line program

Governor Tate Reeves and DPS Commissioner Sean Tindell held a press conference today to discuss the Department of Public Safety’s Skip the Line Program.

The program is designed to reduce wait times at the state’s driver service bureau locations. Governor Reeves says at the start of his administration in 2020, in-person wait times exceeded over two hours.

Since the introduction of Skip the Line in September 2020 and the implementation of online scheduling, wait times have now been cut down to 18 minutes.

The governor says more improvements are on the way as well. “Some of the enhancements we’re currently working on include additional training to help make our driver service bureau employees to make customer service even better. We’re also in the process of setting up a Driver Service Bureau Call center here in Canton. The call center will be staffed by certified examiners who will assist callers by answering questions related to driver’s licenses and firearm permits. Finally, the Department of Public Safety is in the process of developing software that will offer our residents the opportunity to meet with a certified driver services bureau examiner virtually.”

For more information on the Skip the Line program, visit the Mississippi Department of Public Safety website at

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