Department of Justice Investigates Bay St. Louis Police Department

Earlier this year, Bay St. Louis City Council asked the Department of Justice to look into the city’s mishandling of $186,000 in police forfeiture money. Today, News 25’s Kendra Turley caught up with Bay St. Louis officials to get an update on the investigation before the finalization of next year’s budget.
The Department of Justice is still investigating the entire history of the Bay St. Louis City Council’s forfeiture funds after the city discovered the police department’s $186,000 balance exceeded the city’s $80,000 general fund. “We’re very anxiously awaiting the finalization of their review to make sure that what we have is an accurate picture of what the forfeiture fund is and what it should be and what it should be going forward,” said Bay St. Louis Mayor Les Fillingame.
The forfeiture funds have always been included in the city’s general fund. The mishandling of this money has many Bay St. Louis residents worried for the future. Libby Garcia, a resident, said, “I have heard about it and I have checked into it and I have looked into it. And I do have some concerns about where that money went and why it hasn’t been accounted for.”
The Bay St. Louis City Council plans to meet tomorrow evening to discuss and review the preliminary findings from last year’s audit as well as finalize the future audit. “We’re going to discuss, of course, what we anticipate doing to take directive actions and resolution of those issues and that’ll pretty much be the discussion of tomorrow night,” said Mayor Fillingame.
The Department of Justice did not give a specific date as to when to expect the investigation to be complete. In the meantime, city officials tell News 25 they are keeping an open line of communication. 
News 25 will keep you updated on this investigation and have more details after tomorrow’s audit meeting.

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