Dennis Gage in Town for Cruisin’

Today, Cruisers in Bay St. Louis had the chance to rub shoulders with one famous car lover.
“My Classic Car” host Dennis Gage, known for that iconic mustache, was on Beach Boulevard signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Gage says he’s been coming to Cruisin’ the Coast since it began. He says his favorite part is pretty much all of it. Gage says it’s an event unlike any other. “The neat thing about this is it’s designed so that you have to drive these cars. Most car shows, and I love all car shows, but usually people go there and set up, bring out the lawn chair, that’s what they do. Well, here you can’t do that. You gotta be moving and it’s just great to see these things on the road. It’s fun to drive ‘em. There’s nothing just like it.”
Gage also filmed part of his show right here on the Coast.

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