Delta variant on the rise across the Coast

While cases and deaths from COVID-19 are dropping, the delta variant is now becoming the dominant strain in the U.S.

Here on the Coast, we are starting to see cases and hospitalizations trending upwards.

Since June, the delta variant of COVID-19 has made up over 20 percent of reported U.S. cases and looks to be spreading 50 percent faster than the initial Alpha variant.

Under the Mississippi State Department of Health’s new COVID-19 guidance, residents 65 and older and those with chronic medical conditions should avoid all indoor mass gatherings regardless of vaccination status.

Due to the uptick of delta infections across the globe, the World Health Organization recently repeated its recommendation that everyone, vaccinated or not, should wear masks to limit the spread of infections.

Mississippi is seeing such an increase in the delta variant outbreak because of the low vaccination rate.

Currently, Mississippi is 49th when it comes to vaccinations with a total of 33.4 percent of people fully vaccinated. Dr. Rebecca Rose said, “Delta is very, very contagious. People are underestimating how contagious this is. It is most prevalent in the adolescent population, the kids, like my baby who is one, and the older population. A small cold or sinus, mild COVID, in a 40-year-old female is going to be a lot different in a one-year-old or a 70-year-old. So, staying home when sick, getting tested, wearing your mask, getting your vaccine, and getting the anti-body infusion if you do get it, is our best hope to make it out of this.”

According to Dr. Rose, Pfizer is about 88 percent effective against the delta variant with Moderna to follow and Johnson and Johnson is the least effective against the delta variant with only about 60 percent.

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