Dealing with financial anxiety

In a recent survey, 69 percent of individuals have financial anxiety and that same survey found that despite recent inflation prices, one in four people don’t budget.

Whether or not financial anxiety is caused by the lack of funds or too much debt, the most common reaction to financial anxiety is avoidance.

However, avoiding your finances instead of managing them can cause them to worse, which in turn causes more anxiety.

So how can you break this cycle? Financial Adviser Jason Lindholm of Long Beach has been seeing clients with the same problem for years and gives some advice and tips that have helped his clients be more financially stable. “The most successful people I work with don’t live in mansions. They don’t drive $100,000 vehicles. They don’t wear super fancy clothes, but what they have is peace of mind from financial freedom. So, you gotta stop keeping up with the Jones’ and live within your means.”

For more tips and help with finances, contact Jason Lindholm or any other financial adviser.

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