Deadly shooting in Pascagoula

A shooting Thursday night in Pascagoula near the corner of Agnes Street resulted in the death of one man.
Pascagoula police say the man who died in the shooting accidentally shot himself. Department Spokesman Doug Adams identified the victim as 27-year-old Seneca Evans of Gulfport.
Residents who live in the area told News 25 that they had never seen Evans in the area and that they heard two gunshots. Adam Rigby is the neighbor who found Evans’ body. He said, “The man, he come running up and knocked on the door and I came around the side and by the time I came around, he wasn’t breathing and he was just lying there and it looked like his leg was shot and we called the law. They came out and said he had to have pulled the gun and shot himself pulling the gun out and he fell in the ditch over here.”
The initial investigation found Evans died of a single gunshot wound to the groin.

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