Dangers of Fireworks

Bottle rockets and sparklers light up the faces of Fourth of July spectators, but AMR wants you to know the dangers of these fireworks.
According to the United States Fire Administration, 11,000 people are injured from fireworks each year. These injuries rise during holidays, like this weekend’s Independence Day.
At risk are your bodies and homes if you get too close to these explosives. Manager of Clinical Education for AMR Bobby Marshall said, “People that would light a firecracker or a bottle rocket that didn’t go off, a dud, they would go up to check on it, actually look over the device it was holding it and it go off and hit them in the face, hit them in the eye. Other times, I’ve seen people hold a firecracker too long, waiting for it to go off or maybe they thought it wouldn’t go off and it would go off in their hand.”
Officials say anyone under 15-years-old should not be handling fireworks.
AMR responded to only one firework injury on the Coast last Fourth of July and they hope this year there will be no injuries.

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