Damage at Beauvoir

Another chapter in history at Beauvoir this morning as Tropical Storm Cindy churned in the Gulf, spawning a waterspout that actually moved onshore. In its path was the historic home of Jefferson Davis, former president of the Confederacy.
Meteorologist Payton Malone shows us how the weather left some parts of the property looking more like a war zone.
A scary scene this morning was caught on camera as a waterspout in the Gulf moved on shore in Biloxi, ripping through the grounds of historic Beauvoir, unleashing damaging winds in the cemetery and snapping trees in half, just yards away from the 169 year old house where Jefferson Davis lived.
It was a breath taking sight for some staff who saw it all go down, including Beauvoir’s Executive Director Thomas Payne. “It tranversed our property completely. In the cemetery, some of our monuments have been knocked down and some of the trees are down. That’s an area we are going to prioritize and get that back up as soon as we can.”
Also damaged was the fence line on the property. Despite the damage, Payne says things could have been much worse and they’re thankful the main house only had minor damage that can easily be repaired. “We didn’t have any damage to the house. There was just one piece of glass broken. We’ll fix that today.”
On this day, history repeated itself. At least, to some extent. Hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed the main house and other buildings in 2005. “We’ve never had this type of weather event since Katrina, with this much extensive damage, but like I said, she’s resilient,” said Payne.
As are the workers who are on hand, working to clean up the damage so the historic home can open its doors again on Thursday.

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