Dale Brown Basketball Camp underway in Ocean Springs

A Pascagoula basketball legend has returned to the Gulf Coast to teach kids the fundamentals of basketball and life.

Pascagoula High and University of Kentucky legend Downtown Dale Brown is giving back to Gulf Coast youth during his 11th annual Boys and Girls Basketball Camp in Ocean Springs. “Growing up here in South Mississippi, when I came out of high school in the late 80s, we didn’t have a guy like myself coming back, making it easier for kids, you know, that’s why I’ve come home every summer for the last 11 years.”

Along with the camp staff, the two-time SEC Defensive Player of the Year and Final Four participant has been hard at work teaching the kids the fundamentals of basketball and leadership. Camp participant Tevin Terrell says he will take the leadership skill he has learned at the camp and put them into action at Moss Point High School next season. “Being a leader, telling everyone to talk on defense, I learned that here and simple fundamentals that I can pass on to my teammates.”

While a big goal of the camp was to help teach kids basketball fundamentals, another goal was to help the kids learn to take the best shots in life that they can as well. “You know, one of the key components that I touch on in camp is family, respecting each other and each other’s property and just gaining new friends throughout the Gulf Coast. There are kids all over the Coast here and I try to make them get along with each other,” said Brown.

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