What is Cupping Therapy? 2016 Olympic Games

Michael Phelps is making waves in the pool and on the internet as he’s been spotted with mysterious pink spots covering his body at this year’s Olympic Games in Rio.
News 25’s Hank Davis brings us more details on the source of these mysterious marks.
Michael Phelps is known around the world, famous for his ability to swim at an unreal 4.7 miles per hour, an 80 inch wingspan and his world record 19 gold medals. At this year’s Olympic Games, he’s getting attention for a new reason: strange circular marks covering his shoulders and back. But where are they coming from? The answer is cupping therapy. Dr. Jonny Truong with Spine Care LLC said, “Cupping is a technique where a suction cup is utilized with heat or by air, it pulls the skin into the cup, it forms a suction in order to release the capillaries and what results from that suction is this round blemish that is seen, just like the one that is seen on the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.”
The suction cup therapy technique can assist in improved range of motion, recovery from trauma, athletic injury or to alleviate any type of neuromuscular-skeletal pain.
You don’t have to be a record breaking Olympian to undergo this treatment. It can be as easy as asking for an appointment. “It’s not just made available to celebrities or Olympians. Here, locally, that service is available to football players, many people who do CrossFit and many people that do triathlons,” said Dr. Truong.
Cupping has been practiced for centuries dating back much farther than the Olympics, but the process has been modernized.
Now that Phelps’ is bringing home more gold from this year’s games, there just might be something to this traditional therapy technique.

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