Cuddle Cot donated to Gulfport Singing River Hospital

Gulfport Singing River Hospital was gifted their first Cuddle Cot.

The Naff family lost their son John Ellis 35 weeks into the pregnancy. Elisabeth Naff suffered from a liver disorder that only appears during pregnancy. It was not caught in time to save her son.

Her experience is why she created the Hope for John Ellis Foundation. “In today’s culture, it’s not always easy to talk about pregnancy and infant loss, so that is something I hope is gained from it. Just to allow a platform to speak about it and not be afraid to speak about it. Or not be afraid to connect with other families that have gone through something similar.”

To celebrate his sixth heavenly birthday, Elisabeth and her husband, Lucas, are donating a much needed piece of medical equipment.

The Cuddle Cot is the first one at Gulfport Singing River Hospital.

After a baby has passed away, it can be placed in a Cuddle Cot and kept in a hospital room to allow families a chance to say goodbye.

Daphne Hampton, patient care manager of women and children services, told News 25 that this time is lifesaving for the mother. It improves mental health and gives families an opportunity for closure. “Healthcare workers do feel the pain of their patients. We want everybody’s experience to be perfect, and when it’s not going to be, that is a loss for us as well. So, being able to give them the best we can is something we are always striving for.”

The Naff family has donated three of these Cuddle Cots so far, in collaboration with the One Wing Foundation. They do it to raise awareness, to give moms like Elisabeth closure, and to honor John Ellis.

Since receiving the Cuddle Cot earlier this week, the hospital was able to give one mom a little more time.

People can learn more about stillbirth and Cuddle Cots at They can also learn about ICP, the liver disorder Elisabeth had through

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