Crusaders for Veterans holding virtual wreath placing ceremony

COVID-19 is definitely shaking things up this holiday season, but it is not stopping the Crusaders for Veterans from honoring our troops.

The traditional wreath placing ceremony will still take place at the Biloxi National Cemetery on December 5th at 11 a.m. However, this event will be by invitation only to prevent a huge gathering.

You can join the ceremony virtually this year to show support. This will be a limited gathering, but there’s nothing wrong with still buying a wreath as a token of appreciation. Crusaders for Veterans President Kevin Cuttill said, “It doesn’t stop anyone from buying a wreath. Go pick up a $5 wreath, $10 wreath and just go out there and honor someone out there, even if it’s not your family. It’s someone who served the country, that fought for your rights, and your freedoms, and pick up a little wreath.”

Check out the Reimann Family Funeral Home, Crusaders for Veterans and the Harrison County Board of Supervisors Facebook pages to catch the ceremony virtually.

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