Cruisin’ the Coast welcomes first-ever Cruisers from the UK

The first time ever, Cruisin’ the Coast welcomes Cruisers from across the pond.

While waiting for the Long Beach parade to roll, News 25 met the Coast’s first-ever Cruisers from England.

Wayne Langridge and his wife traveled from Cannock, England to participate in this year’s Cruisin’ the Coast with his 1979 Ford Thunderbird. He bought the car last spring for events like this.

Cruisin’ wasn’t on the couple’s original schedule for the year, but when they attended the Power Tour over the summer, everyone recommended they come to Cruisin. So, they changed their October holiday plans and visited Mississippi for the first time.

Wayne says so far, it’s excellent and he especially loves the area’s geography. “The beaches look lovely. We haven’t had time yet to get out of the car and on the beach and that’s what we want to do. We’ve been so busy doing different Cruisin’ activities. Maybe this evening we will have time to get out the car and step on the beach because it looks fantastic.”

About Wayne’s car, living in England, he only saw photos of the vehicle when he bought it. Probably one of his best decisions as he’s Cruisin’ the Coast in style all week long.

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